9 Factors to Consider When Building a Modern Office Space

If you are planning to build an office building, you must pay attention to several factors. There is plenty of good advice by Career Experts and of them is to always have in mind the needs of other future users/tenants of the office space.

Office space has an impact on the productivity of any business in the market. The office should be convenient for your clients at all times whether; it is one storey or multi-storey building, advice from career experts is of great help when constructing an office building. Pay attention to the following crucial factors when building the office building.

1. Funding the project 

You ask yourself questions about budgeting the project, do I have the resources to finance the building to the completion? If you have the resources; then search for reliable builders in the market.

2. The office Location

The location of your building is a factor you ought to consider when constructing a new office. The building should be accessible to both customers and employees; it should not be located in an isolated area because this won’t attract customers. The office building should be near to the road and well visible to clients.

3. Design of the office

Good office design is what most customers consider when looking for an office; you should carry out thorough research on the best type of office design you want to build. Search for modern designs that are attractive to the customers, visit modern built offices in your city and the websites of the building companies for sample pictures of modern offices. It is good to seek pieces of advice from building engineers/architects who have been in the building industry for years.

4. Car Parking 

When constructing an office building always consider parking space where employees and customers will park their vehicles. A building with spacious parking attracts more customers compared to those with small parking. The size of the parking space has an impact on how many customers will be interested in your building.

5. Office Space

When constructing an office building, it is good to put into consideration that the office has adequate space for the customers to carry out their duties with ease. The stairs or elevators should be spacious for movement in and out of the office.

Your office should have enough exit space in case of a fire outbreak in the building.

6. Safety of clients and staffs 

Safety; of customers, property, and records is crucial in any organisation. There should be a fire escape route in case of fire outbreak.

 When planning to build an office, consider constructing a fireproof building. If the building is a multi-storey and has elevators, then there should be a power park up generator in case of an electric blackout then movement from top floors to ground floor and vice versa will not be affected.

office desk

7. Office fittings 

An office building should have a proper fitting that will make it more habitable to customers; they should include telephone, electricity, water connections, air conditioning and how office wastes (papers), are disposed of etc. 

8. Working conditions 

The office building should have a conducive working environment, free from fumes, obnoxious smell, noise, dust etc. There should be the provision of clean water, adequate ventilation and enough light.

9. Future expansion 

As you construct the office building consider space for additional floors in future if the need arises, you should have a provision that will allow you to add more rooms. The building foundation should be able to support other extra future floors.


Every business desires to have a conducive working environment for excellent productivity. As you construct an office, then put yourself in the shoes of the future tenants.